The Divine Word University uses a learning management system called Moodle to deliver its course content online. Moodle allows students and lecturers to communicate effectively anytime, any place. The lecturer can upload teaching and learning materials, post discussions, send private messages, create assignments, online quizzes, reports, etc. Students may view these documents on Moodle or download them.


    • Students should contact the ICT helpdesk ( concerning Moodle accounts and support.
    • FBI staff should contact Thadreina Abady ( in the IS department.
    • FMHS staff should contact Karthikeyan P Ramalingam (, HoD - Physiotherapy
    • All other staff should contact Martin Daniel ( in the IS department.

Note to staff: All staff are reminded to update their unit material on Moodle for this academic year and remove unnecessary stuff from previous years.

  • To all students:

    Below is a link to a practice online exam based on concepts taught in IS117. Doing this exam should help prepare you for exams this semester, when exams are conducted online through Moodle. By Mr. Martin Daniel