Online Education Department pages for student workshops and training

This is an eLearning support page for new Divine Word University students. Here are just some of the topics covered: 

  • What is Moodle?
  • eLearning at DWU
  • Printing and Paper Use Policy (2008)
  • Academic integrity
  • APA referencing 
  • Turnitin: intellectual property verification 
  • Study skills
  • Information about ICT and Online education

This page is designed to help students develop digital literacies and independent learning skills. 


Unit created for Masters student orientation, tutorial and practice. Users Masters students and Online Education Staff.

This is an online Moodle orientation for all DWU FLC students. Please read all the student manuals, watch the video tutorials and familiarize yourselves with the learning platform to develop your digital literacies in online education. This orientation covers all the basics from logging into the learning hub to submitting assignments in Moodle to doing quizzes/test/exams online. 

Dear CA1 students,

Welcome to your Moodle Training Page.

In this page, you will find useful resources on how to find your way around Moodle. This page will be available to you for Two weeks only. Please make sure to download all necessary files you will need for your reference.

Thank you,
Kimberly Kobal