Dear Students
Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT) has  been established only in January 2018.
We are in the process of preparing programs to assist you in various aspects of your academic life at DWU. 
A few programs are already offered. Make a good use of their content to embrace your academic success while at DWU.
Keep your eye on this page - new exciting programs will be offered soon.

With the best wishes for successful academic year,
A/Prof Iwona Kolodziejczyk, PhD
CLT Director

  • Punctuation and sentence construction
  • Ways of packaging information
  • Paragraphing
  • Ordering the information
  • Making requests
  • Predicting and proposing the future
  • Reporting the past
  • Using articles
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Making recommendations

The Center for Learning and Teaching will be running open session for 10 weeks covering important areas in life-long learning skills.

The topics that will be covered during the duration of the course are:

1.Planning your career.
2.Explore available jobs

3.Writing a curriculum vitae

4.Writing a cover letter

5. Psychometric Assessments

6.Soft Skills


8.Contracts and Offers

The Center for Learning and Teaching will be offering a 10 weeks course on numeracy skills. The course is designed to enhanced student’s numeracy skills and knowledge. The  course covers the following topics; Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Ratio & Proportion, Percentages, Unit Conversion,Rates, Indices and Scientific Notation, Algebra and Statistics.

This is an eLearning support page for all Divine Word University students.

    In here you will find various resources to help you in developing your digital literacy skills. 


    This Moodle training page is for you the FLC Students. It contains resources and materials you will need to better understand and use Moodle.