The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management offers an integrated four-year degree program. The first two years equip students with fundamental knowledge, attitudes and basic skills for effective participation in the tourism and hospitality industry. The third and fourth years provide students with the ability to conceptualize and initiate positive changes in the tourism and hospitality industry based on current trends and practices. Throughout their degree studies students acquire in-depth knowledge and skills that will enable them to assume managerial functions within the industry.

The major areas of study are tourism, hospitality, business/management, computing, ethics and communication, which are integrated in all areas of study. These units are essential to the development of relevant knowledge and skills and to their application in the business of tourism and hospitality management. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between academic studies and the working environment. They enhance and broaden their management skills through work-integrated learning during the program to assist in the transfer of university learning to the workplace tourism and hospitality context.